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Oak corbels for cafeOak Beam Case Study: PAUL

PAUL is a family-owned bakery, patisserie, cafe, and restaurant, which for five generations has delighted and satisfied customers with its generous range of breads, patisseries, tarts, cakes, and more. Now present across 33 countries worldwide, PAUL uses tradition, historic shop interiors to retain its sense of characterful heritage.

What did the project involve?

Oakbeamuk.com supplied multiple small-section, authentic reclaimed oak ceiling joists, contributing to the structural integrity of the building while remaining true to the existing style of the shop interior.

Where did Oakbeamuk.com excel?

The quality and character of the oak joints was integral to maintaining the bakery’s distinctive look and feel and furthering the theatrical illusion that PAUL has made a distinguishing feature of its high street presence.

What was the overall effect?

Custom cut and carefully selected to produce a harmonised overall effect, our oak creates the illusion of an historic, individual environment while at the same time promoting the consistency and quality promise of a recognised, universal brand.

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