Our oak beam hand preparation service

Power-washing and anti-infestation treatment

All oak beams can be thoroughly power-washed to remove surface debris and to reveal the oak wood grain. Once the beams have completely dried they are then sprayed with a special anti-infestation spray that protects them from insect attack and fungal decay including dry rot and wet rot.

Hand preparation of air-dried oak beams

To remove surface debris and thoroughly clean a beam we use a range of specialised tools and techniques to achieve either a smooth or textured finish. In addition, we can soften the edges of a beam by chamfering them (see below) using different methods to give your beam an aged or character effect.

Hand preparation of reclaimed oak beams

Reclaimed oak beams in their raw state will need to be denailed, all surface debris removed and further cleaned with a range of specialised tools and techniques to bring out and retain the original character of the beam. Once the hand preparation has been completed, the beam is then ready to have a wax or oil finish applied.

Chamfering (air-dried oak beams only)

Chamfering or softening the edges of a beam by hand is a frequently requested finish as it is a particularly effective way of aging and adding character to a straight-sided air-dried beam. There are various types of chamfering including full length of the beam, sections of the beam or scalloping.

Wax or oil finish

We can supply air-dried and reclaimed oak beams in their raw, uncleaned state or they can be just cleaned, with no finish applied. However, there is also a choice of wax and oil finishes to suit your requirements. Beams can also be finished and sealed with oil, or given a whitened or blackened look.

Please note: oak beams can only be waxed once they have gone through the hand preparation process.

Photos before despatch

If requested, we can email you photographs of your finished beam prior to despatch to ensure you are 100% happy with the result.


Our customised fuming process achieves an immediate ageing effect which varies in colour from a milk chocolate brown to sea washed grey depending on the age and condition of each beam.

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