Oak Beam Case Study: Superdry International clothing store

Superdry promotes a distinctive atmosphere throughout its stores. It achieves this through consistent interior design, with details like exposed brick walls, spotlights, and grey/metallic tones.

This atmosphere reflects both the brand and its customers’ shopping experience, so when one store sought a new concept, featuring traditional oak beams, they approached Oakbeamuk.com.

What did the project involve?

The beams were for the new Superdry store at Westfield shopping Centre in West London and represented a new look for this global retailer.

Depending on how the new look is received, it may be rolled out into further stores. This placed a great deal of pressure on our client to get the visual elements just right.

Where did Oakbeamuk.com excel?

This was a substantial job because it required the use of a high number of the largest oak beams available: 500 mm x 500 mm and 450 mm x 450 mm. Most oak trees will not yield beams of such girth and length (over 6.0 metres) to the quality as specified: no visible holes, splits, or other oddities. Because of this, most yards in the UK would not carry such beams. Indeed, we had to consolidate a number of different sources in order to achieve the requisite number.

At the time of cutting and finishing we probably had in our yard in the UK the highest number of such beams in one place in the world.

How long did it take you to complete?

These beams had to be finished and delivered in an extraordinarily short timeframe. Having the beam stock is one thing, but processing and delivering these to specification, on time, for commercial shop fitters who are themselves juggling very short timeframes was a significant challenge that we are proud to say we managed professionally.

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