Oak Beam Case Study: Nando’s

Nando’s is a nationally recognised brand with stores located throughout the UK. This makes consistency across its restaurants a priority. One hallmark of a Nando’s restaurant is its use of beautifully finished wood, which it carries across everything from its tables to cladding and stairs.

When Nando’s began work on their new restaurant in Bury St Edmunds, they approached us to source their bespoke oak beams.

What did the project involve?

Nando’s required custom oak beams of an unconventional size for stair treads. To meet the precise needs of the fitters, we manufactured and supplied 32 handcrafted stair treads for use throughout the build.

Where did Oakbeamuk.com excel?

The size of the treads was substantial and required machining from oak beams measuring 500 mm x 500mm. Oak beams are typically no more than 350 mm x 350 mm, which made sizing and cutting these beams a particular challenge.

It was also important that the beams provided were capable of withstanding repeated use, given both the brand’s popularity and the function of the oak as stair treads.

Our expertise and attention to detail enabled us to meet the client’s specific sizing needs. The beams were then given a special finish suitable for a high traffic area, to ensure both their longevity and lasting quality.

How long did it take you to complete?

The whole job was done in a very short timeframe (2 weeks) to accommodate the strict time scheduling for the project. We are happy to take your bespoke oak beam requirements off your hands. Get in touch using the form below and let us exceed your expectations.