Oak Beam Case Study: Liberty’s of London

The Ladies Fashion Designer Concession is an area of the famous Liberty’s of London on Regent Street.

The wood was used to construct shelving and display stands for clothes, which, while retaining its character and offering an organic feel, was nevertheless suitable for the display of fashion goods, including cashmere jumpers, female office attire, silk shirts, and other delicate fabrics.

What did the project involve?

The brief was to supply oak for one of the high end retail concessions stores within the overall Liberty’s flagship store.

Cut to order and finished to a detailed specification, the result is both bold and organic and highlights the delicacy of the creations on display by rooting them in the solidity and mass of the oak blocks, which themselves echo the timbered mainframe of the store itself, but in a lighter, more modern colour palette.

Where did Oakbeamuk.com excel?

Extra attention was applied to the planing and sanding finish that was used. Consistency of colour was another key criteria. “Natural with character but perfect” is a mantra we hear a lot.

The logistics involved were also notable: our lorry had to arrive within a specified 30 minute slot in which a side road with access to the shop was closed for the unloading. Special permissions and coordination were needed to ensure that the unloading itself, once the lorry was in position, was done immediately and in express time.

These shoe platforms illustrate the creative use that some of London’s top retailing designers have for Oakbeamuk.com wood.

How long did it take you to complete?

The whole job was done in a very short timeframe (2 weeks) to accommodate the strict time scheduling for the project. We are happy to take your bespoke oak beam requirements off your hands. Get in touch using the form below and let us exceed your expectations.

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