Step 1 - tell us the dimensions of the Reclaimed oak beam you require

We have a good stock of reclaimed oak beams in various cross sections and lengths. Our stock changes regularly so please let us know your requirements by email and will let you know what is available. Reclaimed beams are not perfectly straight, may have knotches and or knot holes, as well as pronounced splits and variations of colour along their length. Reclaimed beams have lots of character and history and may be suitable for structural purposes but need to be selected individually. We may be able to cut reclaimed beams lengthways but this is subject always to the individual character of each beam.

Reclaimed beams are priced as per our air dried stock so you can obtain an approximate estimate of costs by using our beam cost calculator. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOU WILL NEED TO PAY FOR THE FULL BEAM THAT CLOSEST MATCHES YOUR SPECIFICATION so the costs as provided on the beam cost calculator are FOR INDICATION ONLY.